Infographic Idea

So over the past 2 weeks I have been contemplating between various Infographics online in a search for inspiration.

As a result I have come to the conclusion that  infographics with a simple statement/question and a more basic colour scheme can create more of an impact and personal appeal to me.

I want to base my infographic on the concept of ‘trying to make it big as an artist in the music industry’- a set of steps entitled;  “How to become a Pop Star”.

As many would see this sort of idea in an infographic and not take it too seriously, I believe that by combining several elements of humour as well as insightful information on the music industry,  this infographic could look really interesting.

Ideas of the layout include following a  flow-chart concept. In the middle of the image I am thinking of having a stereotypical pop star figure; my ideal popstar pose for this would be a glamorized, well dressed, pop princess belting her lungs out with a microphone in her hand. The Typography of the image will be based around the pop star in an almost flow chart layout. Each step will indicate some way, shape or form a musician has to adapt to the industry to become a successful artist. Each ‘step’ will have an image supporting it’s typogrpahy e.g one step will explain how a musician has to be relateable to their fans/listeners- an image to support this kind of typography would be a hand reaching out for another.

I am wanting to stick to a cartoonized style for my images, where I will take photos myself and play with them on illustrator.

To give an effective result, I will stick to a simple colour scheme of maybe only 2 or 3 colours. Colour ideas at this stage include yellow, blue, pink and gold as I believe those are the most predominant “pop star” themed colours.1186013-Cartoon-Of-A-Teen-Pop-Star-Singer-Royalty-Free-Vector-Clipart


One comment

  1. Hey man i reckon your chosen process has the opportunity to be crack up and also really interesting too. To help with conveying the ‘process’ side of the how to i think it might be a good idea to perhaps start out with a normal looking girl on the left side, the popstar looking girl on the right and maybe a factory or mechanical looking machine in the middle where you can base all of your information about how someone becomes a mainstream popstar in the modern world. to continue that ‘factory’ theme would could have the girl on a conveyor belt both going into, and out of the machine. You could also use industrial styled font and typography too and effectively use colours such as the aforementioned yellow which works in both the representation of the pop star and the industrial way that the mainstream music industry now operates. Anyway, hope it all goes well for you and how knows, maybe i’ll be able to follow your guide and become a STAR! But dont worry, when i hit the big time i wont forget about the man that single-handedly showed me the way to the top! Thanks in advance man 🙂


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